Welcome to the New Alphabet Clan Website, The site is almost finished, with a few minor touch ups and alterations still needing to be made, keep checking back for more updates!

News 20/01/2015

Welcome to AtoZ the Reincarnation!

We have been for the last several months on, now we are moving to

This is a Hellbound Server.

AtoZ Teamspeak Server:
AtoZ Server password:

Memers List: click here

News 17/02/2011

Long overdue this update. But here it is!

AtoZ have left our last l2 server (rebound) and are beta testing a number of servers, currently is our top possibility at the moment. There are talks about a wipe in the very nera future, which would be a Great time to start on this server as it's pretty cool. Its running on Gracia Epilogue the Download link for this is

We have a large amount of people following this page, mainly for the shoutbox to see the updates on if we have found a suitable server. If you like you can always come and beta the current server with us. Details listed are above.

Ventrillo details are:
port = 3830

Warcraft 3 Battleships Section

Visit our Forums on the "Public Battleships Community on

Come to our battlenet Clan channel "Clan AtoZ" on US West Server

Our Server details:

Teamspeak Ip Address :
Port: 9987

Website :

Forums : ( Public Battleships Community )

DC++ Server Address : ( Needs a username and password, either Email me or make a post in our forums )

FTP Server :Private for now. (Msg if need)



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